Indecision Is Fear

Indecision is really fear. When you can't decide, chances are the reason why you are indecisive is because you're afraid of something.

Let’s explore what is behind your indecision.

Recently, it took me three weeks to decide to take a class. I told myself it was because of being busy, but it was really fear. 


How do you work through the fear? You must embrace the truth that you can't get rid of fear, you have to learn to work through it. You have to find out what you are afraid of. Is it fear of failure? Fear of being hurt?

Some questions to ask yourself;

Who can be a support system for you, someone who could help you process this clearly and objectively?

If you were to advise a friend in the same position, what would you say to them?

What do you fear will happen?

Is your fear valid or is coming from old wounds, your shadow, insecurity, from the experiences of the past, etc?

What do you need to feel safe enough to make a decision?

And the most important questions to ask yourself:

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

If you trusted yourself, what would your decision be?

Explore your indecision. Bring  awareness to it. Find out what is really behind your fears, and when you have that deeper awareness, make a choice. Chances are, you will you realize it wasn't that bad. But you get there through awareness and then use that knowledge to move through the fear and make a decision.


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