Shine Your Light!

Life Coaching with Eileen Anglin

Helping you move past fear and not feeling good enough

to live the life you were born to live.

It’s time to shine your light. The world needs it.


Life Coaching Sessions  are one on one phone sessions that can transform your life. I work with people of all walks of life to break free of old negative patterns that keep them stuck. I also specialize in guiding creative people, actors, writers, artists, performers and anyone who wants to shine their light out into the world reclaim their self worth, work through fear and self doubt to live the life they were born to live.


Life Coaching Sessions – one on one sessions that can transform your life.

Eileen works with people of all walks of life, other life coaches, heart centered and holistic business people to break free of old negative patterns that keep them stuck. She also specializes in helping creatives ( actors, writers, artists, performers) work through fear, not feeling good enough, self sabotage to acheive a life they love, shine their light and fulfill their life's mission.

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12 Week Coaching Sessions

Dismantle the old beliefs, thoughts, and patterns that keep you stuck.

I truly believe that in order to make powerful shifts within you and your life, it requires that you stay immersed in the work , supported and reminded of your goals and this 12 week program is a great place to start.

3 Months of weekly calls. Essential when you want new positive behaviors and shifts to last. We will work together to create the life you want.

These are the sessions for you when you need to break free from fear, self-doubt, self sabotage to achieve your goals.

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60 Minute Life Coaching Session

One 60 minute session offered only to those who have completed the 4 or 12 week Shine Your Light! sessions.

“Eileen Anglin is the ideal companion along the light-and-shadow-dappled path of life. She is an exceptional coach and guide to reclaiming the strengths that lurk not just in what we admire but in what we fear. Thanks to her extraordinary coaching skills, I am reclaiming my vision and once again pursuing my purpose and my dream — something I had abandoned in recent years.” ~M.S.


“Eileen is a very heart-and-soul centered coach, who helped me bring insight, Self-compassion, and Light to my life and soul journey. Her coaching provided exactly what I needed to learn…listening to my heart, commitment to action steps, and using my energy wisely. Thank you, Eileen. Reclaiming my Light has brought such JOY!” ~R.R

“I recently completed my series of coaching, and I can honestly say that this program significantly changed my life. I am equally grateful for the opportunity to have Eileen Anglin as my life coach. A genuine professional, Eileen offers the perfect blend of expertise, compassion and insight. Her inherent caring nature allows one to feel safe while uncovering hidden feelings and identifying emotional obstacles. While I know that I am responsible for the amazing results I achieved with this program, I also know that having Eileen as my designated life coach only served to make this extraordinary experience even more rewarding!” ~S.T


“The biggest transition of my life didn’t seem so big after all — having met Eileen, a sister of the Spirit, who gently and wisely guided me through my action steps — ensuring all the while, I was at the helm… Thank you Eileen.” ~KD


“Working with Eileen was the game changer I have been searching for over the last ten years. Eileen’s keen understanding of human nature as well as her compassionate, non-judgmental coaching style put me at ease. She provided a safe atmosphere to journey to the truth so I could release a lifetime of unhealthy perceptions. Prior to working with Eileen, I had listened to countless meditations, visited gifted shamans, recited thousands of affirmations and implemented a myriad of healing practices, none of which provided the lasting results I experienced after coaching. Finally, my income is where I need it to be and the positive changes in my personal relationships are beyond my expectations. If you want real healing, where you know you will walk away with results, work with Eileen.” ~Marissa, Denver, CO